SEO by InCloud Computing

SEO and Social Integration

Ok, so you have a fantastic website but lack visiting traffic as no one can find it!  At InCloud Computing we can optimise your WordPress website making it easier for search engines to rank your site and boost your website traffic naturally without having to pay for adverts.  Apart from its ease of use, another great benefit of using WordPress is that it’s very search friendly. Just by having a WordPress site, you’re already benefiting from some simple but effective search engine optimisation improvements without having to do a thing! However, in order to really maximise SEO and improve your search engine position, there are a number of additional things that can be done to increase your traffic further.

There are 2 phases that we tackle SEO, internal and external.

  • Internal – Optimising the content so that is reads effectively on the pages, ensuring that relevant key words and phrases are used in the main web pages content and also ensure that friendly structured URL’s are applied consistently throughout the site. We also ensure that your site meets search engine criteria on speed loads times.
  • External – Registering your site on business directories, encouraging others to link your website and also integration with social media platforms.  Social media is a fantastic tool to increase brand awareness and is a great way to get users to engage on your website.

At InCloud Computing we follow best practices and ensure that a combination of both techniques are applied to increase as much natural traffic to your website as possible.

social integration by InCloud Computing